Using Rackspace DNSaaS with curl (part 1)

With the release of Rackspace DNSaaS (blog post here), I thought I would put together some examples of using curl with the service. With this release, you now have programmatic access to DNS via the API where you can set TTLs, create and delete various record types, and create and delete domains.
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Edge Purge Content from Rackspace Cloud Files via curl

When the Rackspace Cloud Files product received Edge Purge functionality via the API, I didn’t give it much thought as I didn’t use the CDN functionality for any of my personal projects. That changed recently and I started doing some work with the CDN (powered by Akamai). All was fine until I realized I had set the TTL for the objects too high for my testing and wasn’t receiving the right content. Below you’ll find the appropriate methods for doing an edge purge of an object and container via curl using the API.
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Palm Pre impressions

Disclaimer: I’m a Palm fanboy. I’ve had a Palm device in some form or fashion since the Palm OS 3.0 days. I think that I could still probably write in Graffiti if I needed to. It all started with a Handspring Visor Deluxe, upgraded into the Handspring Visor Edge, morphed into the Palm Treo 650 and finally my last PDA, the Palm Centro. Occasionally I would dip into the Microsoft WindowsCE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile worlds but I always went back to my trusty Handspring or Palm devices. I even have carried a Blackberry simultaneously for work because I didn’t want to give up the features my Palm devices gave me. In addition to being a Palm enthusiast, I’m also a big fan of all things Apple. I have a first generation Mac Pro (dual dual-core Xeon), a Macbook (courtesy of my employer), and various iPod flavors. I’m also a Linux systems administrator (Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian). With that said, here’s a somewhat biased review of the new Palm Pre.

I really like the Palm Pre. Even the service plan from Sprint. While Sprint isn’t my favorite provider, they have been much better from a service perspective than anytime I have had to deal with ATT. Everything you’ve read is true. It’s missing some features (not copy & paste but almost). There aren’t many things you can’t do with this phone.
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