Funny Conversation

Yesterday someone sent me an email that was written in Spanish and made some references to me being his grandfather. For some reason, I usually get emails meant for other people to my Gmail account. They are usually meant for “Richard Collazo” or “Roger Collazo” or some other “Robert Collazo”. I usually just ignore them and if I keep getting email for that person, I politely respond and say that I’m not the droid they’re looking for and they go on their merry way.

Yesterday was different. The person who sent me the email about me being his grandfather contacted me via Gtalk. Here’s the transcript:

11:11:56 PM ernesto diaz: hola abuelo
11:13:17 PM Robert: me llamo roberto collazo. no soy tu abuelo
11:13:33 PM ernesto diaz: jajaja
11:13:43 PM Robert: lo siento
11:14:53 PM ernesto diaz: oye roberto
11:15:36 PM Robert: que quieres?
11:16:08 PM ernesto diaz: yo me llamo Ernesto Diaz Collazo
11:16:31 PM ernesto diaz: y soy el mas grande de tus nietos
11:17:22 PM Robert: adonde eres? no tengo neitos por que soy 34 anos
11:17:56 PM Robert: er, soy tengo 34 anos.. hablo un poquito espanol
11:37:23 PM ernesto diaz: jajajaja
11:37:35 PM ernesto diaz: apretaste
11:37:53 PM ernesto diaz: 🙁
11:40:32 PM ernesto diaz: oye viejuco
11:41:00 PM ernesto diaz: no te haga
11:41:23 PM Robert: no se que dices
11:42:07 PM ernesto diaz: que estas de madre
11:42:49 PM ernesto diaz: bobo
11:44:39 PM ernesto diaz: recibiste mi correo?
11:45:45 PM Robert: I think I received something from you and just deleted it because I realized you were not looking for me but for you grandfather.
11:47:23 PM ernesto diaz: Ware are you from?
11:47:55 PM ernesto diaz: You are from Cuba
11:48:12 PM ernesto diaz: I am from Cuba
11:48:45 PM Robert: I am not from Cuba
11:48:49 PM ernesto diaz: Your last name
11:48:49 PM Robert: I am in San Antonio, TX
11:49:14 PM ernesto diaz: is Collazo
11:50:03 PM ernesto diaz: my last names are Diaz Collazo
11:50:34 PM Robert: Ok, but that doesn’t mean I’m from Cuba. My family came from Mexico
11:53:04 PM ernesto diaz: Now you are sure of you are my granfather
11:53:51 PM Robert: I am positive I am no one’s grandfather since I’m only 34 years old. I don’t have any children.
11:54:49 PM ernesto diaz: Ahora si apretate
11:55:30 PM Robert: apretate?
11:55:50 PM ernesto diaz: you 34
11:56:03 PM ernesto diaz: YEARS
11:56:14 PM ernesto diaz: OR 34 SIGLO
11:56:19 PM ernesto diaz: S
11:56:37 PM Robert: I am 34..
11:56:38 PM ernesto diaz: JAJAJA
11:57:38 PM ernesto diaz: plus 25
11:57:47 PM ernesto diaz: =
11:58:01 PM ernesto diaz: 59 years
11:58:51 PM ernesto diaz: hey no me respondiste recibiste mi correo
11:58:57 PM ernesto diaz: ?
11:59:17 PM Robert: Why would I respond dude? I don’t know who you are
12:00:03 AM ernesto diaz: I am Ernesto Diaz
12:01:15 AM Robert: I realize that is your name but that doesn’t mean anything to me since I’m not your grandfather. Now, if you’re offering to be my pen pal, that’s cool but I promise I’m not your grandfather.
12:02:24 AM ernesto diaz: Whath is pen pal?
12:02:51 AM Robert: someone to write to
12:03:11 AM ernesto diaz: pen is pluma
12:03:15 AM Robert: pal de pluma
1:48:54 AM Robert: convinced I’m not your grandfather?
1:49:52 AM ernesto diaz: no I’m not
1:50:48 AM Robert: why not? why would I lie about not being your grandfather?
1:52:34 AM ernesto diaz: I’m not sure
1:53:40 AM Robert: ok, well come up with a good reason and we can discuss tomorrow if you’re interested. I’m off to bed. hasta
1:54:47 AM ernesto diaz: Hasta?
1:56:16 AM Robert: hasta luego