My battle with tinnitus

Tinnitus sucks. It really does. I recently posted a comment on my Facebook page that said “For anyone suffering from tinnitus, there is hope.” I received several comments that asked for more information and several private messages asking for the same. I figured I would write it up on my blog to reach a wider audience since I had no idea that so many people suffered from this affliction.
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Using Rackspace DNSaaS with curl (part 1)

With the release of Rackspace DNSaaS (blog post here), I thought I would put together some examples of using curl with the service. With this release, you now have programmatic access to DNS via the API where you can set TTLs, create and delete various record types, and create and delete domains.
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Why work for Rackspace?

This is a post I originally wrote for my employer, Rackspace Hosting. You can find it here.

Lately, I’ve had several friends approach me about working at Rackspace. When I ask them why they want to work here, they seem surprised that I would ask.

“Why wouldn’t I?” is the response I most often hear. When they say that I reply with:

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